Welcome to the Animal Jam Release Stories Wiki! We're glad to have you here!

Animal Jam Release Stories Wiki is a great, open opportunity to add any content you've been dying to get out on words. Do collabs with other authors, check out new blog posts, stories, and more! Before all the fun, though, please take note to the following rules:


The rules here at AJRS are simple! Make it your goal to keep the community safe and fun for all by following these:

Do not use cuss words. Improper usage of cursing will result in permanent ban from the wiki, although minor cuss words are allowed.

PUNISHMENT: Automatic block 48 hours, if continues permanent ban from entire wiki.

Do NOT edit other's user pages without permission.

PUNISHMENT: Warning, block 168 hours, block 336 hours, then permanent ban from entire wiki.

Do not spam.

PUNISHMENT: Warning, Warning, block 9 days, Block 15 days, permanent ban.

Do not sniff for achievements, meaning do not edit one's article by simply removing a word. If this happens so, press 'minor edit' and leave the description blank. If you add a paragraph at most, that will count as a true article edit.

PUNISHMENT: Warning, Block 15 days, permanent ban

Do not hunt for passwords or other information to hack or use against one.

PUNISHMENT: Permanent Ban

Do not include begging or anything of the sort in ANY posts, pages, or blogs.

PUNISHMENT: Warning, Permanent Ban

Staff has the power to delete, warn, or kick any user for a reason that isn't specifically listed above.

PUNISHMENT: To be decided depending on damage

If you are staff, do not falsely accuse ( when you KNOW it is false accussation,), delete, or kick out someone that has done nothing wrong.

PUNISHMENT: Warning, Block 10 days, Permanent Ban

Please RESPECT others ideas, username, and wikiPages. Thank you for reading!

PUNISHMENT: Warning, Warning, Warning, Warning, Warning (so on)

Any questions are able to be asked and the answerer is expected to answer with a comment or joke or something, not just reply with a "don't spam on my wall" or "don't post if it's randomly saying hi." Thanks, and please be considerate.

PUNISHMENT: Warning, Warning, Warning, Block 48 hours, Permanent ban

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